Rosewood Pico Hamster Cage, Extra Large, Pink

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Rosewood Pico Hamster Cage, Extra Large, Pink

Rosewood Pico Hamster Cage, Extra Large, Pink

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If you’re thinking of breeding your hamsters then please note that the Rotastak Pink Palace is NOT suitable for baby hamsters and should not be used as a breeding unit. Rotastak Pink Palace review comments Additionally, you can easily expand your Pink Palace by connecting extra bits and pieces using items from the Rotastak compatible range of tubes, tunnels, extension units and accessories to give your hamster a larger and more customised hamster cage. How big is it Hamsters are a highly active animal and they need ample space to climb and play, as well as toys and accessories to keep them entertained, which obviously requires a fair bit of room! If you’re looking for a Dwarf hamster cage the Rotastak Pink Palace can be assembled in an alternate layout that puts the tunnel in a more horizontal than vertical position which solves the Secret Tunnel problem. Treat your hamster like the princess she is with the Rotastak Pink Palace hamster cage. It comes with everything you need to pamper your small pet, including lots of curvy tubing, a mini gym room with a Rotastak Pink Fun Wheel wheel to keep her in shape, and a pink attic loft where she can survey her kingdom (she doesn’t know it’s just the top of your desk). Just like all of our plastic hamster cages, it features an easy to open hatch so you can take your pet out to play.

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Even more bedding material/ substrate!– Hamster love to burrow, and so to encourage this behaviour you need at least a 2-inch deep layer of substrate The Pink Palace is larger than some of the other plastic modular cages in the Rotastak range although when compared to the wire mesh cage types it loses out fairly significantly and in all honesty your hamster will much prefer as large a cage as possible and the general rule is the bigger the better. You can see how the size of the Pink Palace compares to other cages using our table of hamster cages by size.

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Yes it's “a bit fiddly” to put the tubes together, but once they're together, you never have to take them apart ever again,… If you’re buying for a little one who loves pink, and you need a Dwarf hamster cage rather than a Syrian hamster cage then you could definitely be onto a winner. What is the Rotastak Pink Palace

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The Rotastak Pink Palace hamster cage is similar to the other plastic modular Rotastak hamster cages such as the Rotastak Creepy Castle and the Space Command Hamster Cage and aims to provide an environment that is similar to that which your hamster would experience in its natural habitat. Featuring an iron wire upper frame and a PP plastic base, this cage is made with durability in mind and provides a wide surface area for your little buddy to burrow into and hide!

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If you’re looking to save a few pounds, consider creating your own DIY hamster cage! Spare, large plastic containers around your house can make fantastic hamster cages once given some ventilation and filled with bedding and accessories! How to set up a hamster cage?

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To help achieve this the Rotastak Pink Palace comes with extra rooms with a tunnel between them and the main living area. Initially, it took a while to set up but after an hours hard graft It went together lovely. The tubes fit together nicely and feel very secure. The bottom section is massive giving Daisy plenty of room to move around and play with her toys. It's very easy to clean and you don't even need to disassemble the tubes, I simply run the shower water down then to give 'em a good rinse. Hamsters require a lot of exercise, so an included hamster wheel is often a good thing to look out for. Closed off bedding areas and platforms to climb and explore are also good attributes as well as basic equipment like a water bottle or food dish. Cleaning Once you've assembled it properly it is sturdy. Perfect for a little princess, which 5 year old little girl wouldn't love it! It's PINK! The approximate assembled cage dimensions of the Pink Palace are Height: 53 cm, Depth: 48 cm and Width: 58 cm which gives an area of 2,784 cm 2. Bear in mind though that that area will change if using the Dwarf hamster layout. Is it fiddly to buildMice, gerbils and hamsters love to have different spaces for different activities, and you’ll be amazed watching yours set up her new home in this plastic hamster cage. The attic loft found on most of our hamster cages is cozy and compact to simulate a small animal’s natural living environment, and helps your pet feel safe in her new home. Creepy Castle * Genus 200 Hamster Cage * Pink Palace * Rotastak Maxi Mansion * Space Command Hamster Cage * Super Pod Hamster Cage * Living World Green Eco Habitat (S) * Living World Green Eco Habitat Large * Living World Green Eco Habitat Medium *

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