Critical Role: The Mighty Nein Origins - Jester Lavorre

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Critical Role: The Mighty Nein Origins - Jester Lavorre

Critical Role: The Mighty Nein Origins - Jester Lavorre

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Fjord then revived her with a healing potion, and she quickly healed Nott, who had also fallen unconscious. Jester used her Charm of Plant Command to ask a patch of crabgrass about past happenings at Mollymauk Tealeaf's grave. When Nott failed a wisdom save and jumped into the chasm of gibbering mouthers, Jester used Dimension Door to rescue her. At the party, Jester encountered the slimy Lord Robert Sharpe who had threatened her life, and while initially fearful, confronted him and was able to prank him by locking him out on a balcony. Her mother is a famous singer and courtesan known as the Ruby of the Sea, so Jester had to stay in hiding because having a child would hurt her profile as a courtesan.

Before they parted ways with Reani, Jester gave her a note saying that life isn't black and white, but grey, and to trust herself. In Zadash, the Mighty Nein stopped by the invulnerable vagrant, and Jester bought a Fantastic Haversack from Pumat Sol, which he made pink at her request. While they explored the Archive following the clues Trent had left (because he did escape prison) Jester took the chance to boast about Fjord's new position as admiral; later, aftet their very brief ally Rab Agg was Disintegrated by magical carvings, the tiefling Guided Luc so that he could more effectively check for more traps. After some questioning by Fjord, Nott admitted that she has "sticky fingers" that got her and Caleb in trouble.After visiting Molly's grave in " New Homes and Old Friends" (2x111), Jester cast Scrying and saw that his body was active - though now belonging to Lucien, walking in a snowstorm with an intense smile. Marion revealed that she had been helping the guilds uncover Sharpe's involvement with the Revelry for years and urged Jester to leave immediately for her safety. It had a rocky start, as Jester came from a sheltered, lavish upbringing and Caleb has a very troubled past and came from a poor household, which means their world views are very different. She and Fjord took a watch together that night, in which time she created a new tarot card: "Growth and Rot". Artagan's "Traveler" persona began after sensing a kinship and discovering a spark uniquely similar to his own within a little blue girl named Jester Lavorre.

Jester brought her to the Evening Nip for her own safety, and also in the hopes of rekindling her parents' relationship. She told Artagan he should take the spell away from the others, and he immediately did so, which made her feel good. When the ship was destroyed, they landed on the Twinward Isles where Jester cast Sending to Caleb and Veth, telling them what happened and asking for their help. I know that he's doing something for this other god guy, but we both know that this other god is pretty stupid, so if you do me a favor and watch after Fjord, that would be really great, because he's done a lot of things that has really helped out with stuff for you and he's going to be pretty helpful in helping me get to you later this year.Recognizing his crest from the Revelry shipments, Jester disguised herself as her mother and convinced Lord Sharpe to meet her on the balcony in his underwear. Jester was knocked unconscious in the battle against Obann the Punished, but was revived by Caduceus after its defeat.

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