Warhammer 40k Codex Adeptus Mechanicus

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Warhammer 40k Codex Adeptus Mechanicus

Warhammer 40k Codex Adeptus Mechanicus

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That is a fairly specific set of hoops to jump through, but the fact that this is just baseline good before you start getting clever with it means that the optional upside feels like a true reward, rather than something you have to do for it to be worth it at all. Serberys Raiders, who have long been a staple in Adeptus Mechanicus armies, are now packing AP-1 on their melee, which makes advance and charge an appealing option for them (and they refund the CP on a 5+ with their Enhanced Data-Tether). Well, I just want to say my review will probably be tainted by how I feel about the past nonsense with this faction. They also released free Combat patrol rules that allows players to get started and play by simply picking up a Combat Patrol box, without having to worry about list building.

Meaning you could potentially shoot it three times in a single battle round, and kill an average of sixteen marines. So with all this content available for free, the big question we had was just what would be available in the Codex once released? You can also extend the area this effects – if you take the Radial Suffusion Enhancement on one of your Characters, then as long as they’re on the board the fallout affects enemies within 6” of their Deployment Zone as well, which starts being a pretty massive swathe of the Battlefield on some deployments. Equally though, with a different army build you might rather sit back and get the benefits of +1 to hit from heavy. Internal balance hasn’t changed from the index: Kataphron Breachers are still your MVPs with their access to full hit rerolls and amazing weapons.

They got a big glow-up in the codex, picking up the native ability to advance and charge, as well as keeping their old fall back and charge ability. The next detachment is for people who want to lean into a force of sneaky Skitarii Infantry supported by Ironstriders and Cavalry. This detachment is loaded with enhancements and stratagems that let you be where your opponent doesn’t want you to be, and shrug off attacks should bring you down. Once per turn you pick an enemy vehicle and make them take a leadership test, on a pass they are -1 to hit when shooting and on a fail they are not allowed to shoot at all that turn. Success in Explorator Maniple will hinge on your ability to plan ahead, pick the best objective marker(s) each round, and positioning your army to get the most Acquisition bang for your Acquisition buck.

For Strats we get a nice trio, one giving a unit a 5+ Feel No Pain, one that allows you to fall back and shoot and/or charge (Which is amazing on the hounds) and finally the ability to increase your AP at the cost of gaining the hazardous keyword. If you’re wondering about the strongest melee Skitarii threat, the Sydonian Dragoon with Taser Lance, they don’t even need this stratagem. Codex: Adeptus Mechanicus is an invaluable guide to collecting and gaming with the Adeptus Mechanicus. In a lovely turn of pace, all six stratagems for this detachment are 1CP – and all of them apply equally to Legio Cybernetica or Adeptus Mechanicus Vehicle units.Magos is the sole method Adeptus Mechanicus have of generating additional CP, outside of the Data-Tether CP refund. The Narrative content in the book is great fun and hopefully encourages more people to get involved with Crusade, as I really do think it is the best way of playing 40k! I think you probably still end up on Procession a lot of the time, and dip into this via the inevitable mode-switching Enhancement – Data-Blessed Autosermon lets you have both active on a unit once per game. People will be targeting Breachers with weapons that can take them down as quickly as possible, and it’s very easy for your enhanced Dominus to simply tank those hits for the entire game – Now obviously this is a gamble to start allocating wounds to him first, but with this he has got a very good chance of tanking it (Especially if you have a nearby tech priest to heal him up afterwards too! With the volume of changes present in this codex to their datasheets, we fully expect that there will be an update to the points in the MFM and the Codex similar to the one released for Codex: Space Marines.

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