Give the Gift of Frustration: Boxes in a Box Prank. Includes 3 Sets of 6 Nesting Cartons (2-12 Inch). Funny Practical or Novelty Joke. Great Christmas Gag, Birthday Present or Stocking Stuffer for Him

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Give the Gift of Frustration: Boxes in a Box Prank. Includes 3 Sets of 6 Nesting Cartons (2-12 Inch). Funny Practical or Novelty Joke. Great Christmas Gag, Birthday Present or Stocking Stuffer for Him

Give the Gift of Frustration: Boxes in a Box Prank. Includes 3 Sets of 6 Nesting Cartons (2-12 Inch). Funny Practical or Novelty Joke. Great Christmas Gag, Birthday Present or Stocking Stuffer for Him

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Two positive margins will combine to become one margin. Its size will be equal to the largest individual margin. Align the vertical midpoint of the box with the baseline of the parent box plus half the x-height of the parent. The specified length is used in the calculation of the line box height. Negative values are illegal. It does not, however, break onto a new line, and will only become larger than its content if you explicitly add width and height prevents the floats within the clearfixed parent element from affecting line boxes in other elements that follow the clearfixed element By opening the building up and adding new boxes inside the old structure we revitalize the building. A defunct industrial building has become a bustling hub for creativity and community."

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