MANNY'S MYSTERIOUS ODDITIES Coffin Bookshelf - Includes Removable Shelves - Extra Large Coffin Shelf 21 Inches by 11 Inches - Gothic Decor for Home

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MANNY'S MYSTERIOUS ODDITIES Coffin Bookshelf - Includes Removable Shelves - Extra Large Coffin Shelf 21 Inches by 11 Inches - Gothic Decor for Home

MANNY'S MYSTERIOUS ODDITIES Coffin Bookshelf - Includes Removable Shelves - Extra Large Coffin Shelf 21 Inches by 11 Inches - Gothic Decor for Home

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In a similar fashion, assemble the 6 panels that make up the sides, head, and foot of the coffin using ribs, glue, and screws. The following are some tips to follow while constructing the side panels. Cut head angle at ~10 degrees and toe angle at ~6 degrees. Measure 24 inches from top and mark widest points; then trace lines to head and toe. Cut outside ends of end panel at 10 degrees from vertical. The narrowest (outside) length should be 16 inches. Starting with the lid, fasten together the long boards that make up the lid with 2-inch ribs and glue. Use 4 ribs to assemble the lid placing one rib 1-inch from the head and toe ends of the lid and the remaining 2 ribs evenly spaced in between. Use glue and screws to secure the ribs. If preferred, you can remove the screws from the ribs after the glue dries--let the glue cure for 24 hours before removing the screws. When finished with the floor, turn the casket over and add a rib that ties together all of the floor boards.

Start with a ~30-inch 1x4 and rip the 10- and 6-degree angles (see Figure X) and then cut a pair of at 14 inches in length.You can personalize your coffin with stain, paint, or other decorations. Be creative. You can decorate your coffin in any way you choose. Cut outside ends of toe panel at 6 degrees from vertical. The narrowest (outside) length should be 12 inches. Floor panel consists of a series of boards cut to length at 24 inches or less. Start with a 24 inch board for the widest part of the floor and cut top corners at 10 degrees and bottom corners at 6 degrees.

When we lose loved ones, we can sometimes find ourselves reflecting on their lives through the artifacts that they've left behind—perhaps in the jewelry that they wore, the china that they kept pristine, or the books that they loved. It's this connection to symbolic objects that inspired designer William Warren to create Shelves of Life—a wooden bookshelf that can be used both in life and in death. According to the British designer, the bookshelves “were part of a series of designs that looked at ways we can promote sentimentality in objects.”

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It is possible to build this entire coffin with only basic hand tools including a mallet or hammer, hand saw, tape measure, square, and a screw driver. A few power tools such as a skill saw and drill will make the job go a little faster. Of course, if you have access to a shop with table saw, joiner-planer, and power sanders the job will move along much faster. Last, find a good space to work. A sturdy, flat table or workbench will make for a nice comfortable working environment to measure, cut, prepare, and assemble your coffin. In the photos you will see we are using a torsion box table in our workshop. Set yourself up on a table or picnic table outside if you don't have adequate garage space or access to a workshop. 3) Prepare the Cut List Try to use the same board for both lower head andtoe boards and upper head andtoe boards on side panels so that the same board widths and wood grain match at the elbow where the coffin bends. Are you considering taking on the task of building a coffin yourself? Whether you take the opportunity to work by yourself or together with friends and family, crafting a coffin for a loved one can be memorable and therapeutic. When I built my first coffin for my Grandfather with the help of my father, bother, and sister, we found the experience of working together to be comforting and satisfying. We built a coffin for Grandpa that was inexpensive, sturdy, and beautiful in a traditional coffin design that expressed my Grandfather's affection for the Old West. Leave room between the lower end of each rib and the floor frame rails for the floor boards to fit.Unless you intend to run the boards through a joiner-planer for a perfect smooth edge, there is no need to glue the edge of the top andbottom boards for the side and end panels. The ribs will provide enough strength without edge gluing the side panels.If you use screws and glue to join the ribs, you can remove the screws after the glue dries--after about 24 hours. 6) Assemble the Floor and Sides

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