Massage Gun Muscle Sport Therapy Massager Body Relaxation Slimming Shaping Pain Relief Deep Tissue Fascia Gun

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Massage Gun Muscle Sport Therapy Massager Body Relaxation Slimming Shaping Pain Relief Deep Tissue Fascia Gun

Massage Gun Muscle Sport Therapy Massager Body Relaxation Slimming Shaping Pain Relief Deep Tissue Fascia Gun

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This simplistic mechanism makes for a variety of ways manufacturers could come up with different designs. To stand out from the rest of the competition they make it ergonomic (easy to hold) and coat the handle with substances that provide a better grip. The first models were basically repurposed jigsaws,” says Tom Pepe, CEO of TimTam, one of the top players in the industry. But recently, manufacturers have refined them in response to the burgeoning demand for fancy recovery tools (think knobby foam rollers, cryotherapy, and e-stim). “We started in 2016, with 500 units, and we sold them out, to 30 countries in 40 days,” says Pepe. In the last year, he sold nearly a million of them. The anti-drop shell is definitely something to write home about. The whole material is made from glass and nylon 66 fiber, which explains its lightness (at just 2.5 pounds), anti-fall, non-slip and water-resistant properties. Putting the head to where you need it is a simple exercise of point-and-touch. Dupuy O, Douzi W, Theurot D, Bosquet L, Dugué B. An Evidence-Based Approach for Choosing Post-exercise Recovery Techniques to Reduce Markers of Muscle Damage, Soreness, Fatigue, and Inflammation: A Systematic Review With Meta-Analysis. Front Physiol. 2018;9:403. Published 2018 Apr 26. doi:10.3389/fphys.2018.00403

At MuscleGun we’ve even developed our own app, DEEP, to ensure you’re getting the best results. Voice-guided, and with over 40 guided exercises and focus techniques, DEEP helps you enjoy the best deep tissue massage experience possible. How long should I use a muscle gun for? The hype around massage guns isn't budging, and if you're finding yourself heaving your aching muscles around, groaning when you hit the sofa in the evening, maybe it's time you bit the bullet and boarded the hype train. It might actually help deliver some much-needed relaxation and recuperation. It's the definition of simple. Just point the gun at your fleshy target – around an inch away from your skin over whichever muscle you’re trying to loosen or warm up – and hit the trigger for instant relief.

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According to Gallucci, there are multiple aspects to take into consideration when it comes to a massage gun, both pros and cons. Pros Also, a massage device is infinitely better compared to taking pharmaceutical drugs to ease the pain. It’s more natural and you won’t have all these substances running through your system.

We’d wholly recommend the Softerspot S3 Pro to athletes who are dipping their feet in the world of percussive therapy massage guns. It’s intuitive and doesn’t require a thorough reading of the manual. Just change the attachment, set the speed you want and turn the device on then the S3 Pro does the rest. You’ll be sure to get the right massage every time. The compact design is still mighty as the name suggests, reaching 3,000 percussions per minute on its highest setting and lasting up to six hours on its lowest, surpassing our highest rated massage gun, the Theragun Prime, on both counts. Massage guns are expensive. Before you part with your cash, ask yourself why you’re buying one and make sure you know which factors to consider. If you mainly want a massage gun for relaxation purposes, a less “punchy” model will likely suffice, and you won’t need to spend so much. Those who love big numbers may like the Sonic LX Professional. It has a whopping 7 head attachments and 9 intensity levels to treat a wide variety of aches and pains. Speed can be as low as 15Hz or as high as 55Hz depending on what you need. Glutes, thighs, calves: Glide the massager up and down along the length of the muscles. Try the fork attachment to reach more muscle at once.Almost every massage gun on the market comes with more than one attachment and for good reason. Different attachment heads allow users to target different areas of the body in varied ways. The most common attachments you will find are the bullet, ball, fork, flat top, and cushioned. The head you chose depends greatly on why you are using it. For example, you may use the fork to hit larger muscle groups and deep tissue relief. On the other hand, the ball is best for sensitive areas. More does not always equal better, but it is certainly nice to have the options available to you. Other Ways to Recover from a Tough Workout Whether for banishing onset muscle soreness, recovery after marathon training, or helping to destress after a day spent in front of your laptop, massage guns can help your muscles as much as a pricey massage would.

The benefits of massage guns are myriad. They reduce stress, provide targeted muscle work, and offer variability in use with features such as interchangeable heads and different speeds or intensities. Massage guns are used by fitness enthusiasts to help aid in the release of lactic acid build-up in the body, enhance workout performance, and improve flexibility. For the most part, massage guns can be used anytime and anywhere making them attractive to those who need muscular relief while on-the-go. And, when you have one on hand you are more likely to make time for fitness recovery! While you may have to dish out the cash up front to buy one, you save yourself time and money down the road that you might have otherwise spent on physical therapy or a professional massage. What to Look for When Buying a Massage Gun The business end has almost a centimetre of travel and, with five speeds ranging from thump to judder to thrum, works convincingly on big muscles (using the large ball or flat-head attachment), trigger points (using the bullet) and sensitive areas (using the cushioned head). The only one I couldn’t get to grips with was the fork head, for working the spine or Achilles. Starting off we have our best option the Opove M3 Pro Massaging Gun. Its quiet, lightweight and anti-drop form factor easily won our hearts and stands as one of the best in the massage gun market.They also said it was sufficiently powerful, providing instant relief from soreness, even at lower speeds. There were no issues with jolting or juddering over their skin, making for an extremely smooth massage experience.

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