Scratch Doctor Leather Filler Repair Compound Fill Holes Cracks Scratches Scuffs on Leather Furniture Car Seats Shoes and Bags (Black, 10ml)

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Scratch Doctor Leather Filler Repair Compound Fill Holes Cracks Scratches Scuffs on Leather Furniture Car Seats Shoes and Bags (Black, 10ml)

Scratch Doctor Leather Filler Repair Compound Fill Holes Cracks Scratches Scuffs on Leather Furniture Car Seats Shoes and Bags (Black, 10ml)

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However,‌‌if‌‌the‌‌area‌‌of‌‌damage‌‌is‌‌larger‌‌than‌‌the‌‌size‌‌of‌‌a‌‌tennis‌‌ball,‌‌you‌‌will‌‌need‌‌to‌‌use‌‌a‌‌leather‌‌filler‌‌kit.‌‌Most‌‌leather‌‌filler‌‌kits‌‌contain:‌‌ Below are some amazing results our customers have been able to achieve using our Leather Repair Kit. We have designed the kit so that it is easy to use, allowing anyone to repair leather or vinyl. Before

A. The leather will be touch dry within about 30 minutes. However, as a general rule, we advise that it is best not to use the item for 24 hours after a repair has been made. This gives time for the colourant to cure properly before being subject to stress. This repair kit is ideal for repairing scratches, abrasions or slight fading on leather furniture or leather car seats.Contents1 x Leather Cleaner, 200 ml1 x Sponge for cleaning1 x Leather Cleaning Brush1 x Degreaser, 150 ml1 x Leather Sanding Pad1 x Leather Fresh Dye, 150 ml1 x Sponge for applying fresh dye1 x Protective Glove1 x Leather Protector, 150 ml1 x Polishing Cloth1 x Instruction flyerApplication The‌‌white‌‌leather‌‌filler‌‌is‌‌a‌‌leather‌‌repair‌‌compound‌‌that‌‌lends‌‌a‌‌white‌‌color‌‌to‌‌restored‌‌and‌‌repaired‌‌leather.‌‌ Leather Filler is a flexible filler used for fixing scuffs, scratches and also holes in leather. The product is mainly used on areas of high use, such as seating cushions and arms to fix damage where a long lasting and durable repair is required. This‌‌leather‌‌balm‌‌works‌‌to‌‌absorb‌‌deeply‌‌into‌‌the‌‌leather,‌‌helping‌‌restore‌‌its‌‌rich‌‌color‌‌and‌‌sheen.‌‌

Repairing Leather is easier than you think!

There‌‌are‌‌several‌‌choices‌‌for‌‌repairing‌‌a‌‌leather‌‌car‌‌seat.‌‌You‌‌may‌‌choose‌‌a‌‌leather‌‌repair‌‌kit‌‌that‌‌ matches‌‌the‌‌color‌‌of‌‌the‌‌leather‌‌you‌‌need‌‌to‌‌fix.‌‌ You‌‌may‌‌go‌‌the‌‌route‌‌of‌‌applying‌‌a‌‌leather‌‌cloth‌‌patch‌‌that‌‌is‌‌the‌‌color‌‌of‌‌the‌‌leather‌‌of‌‌your‌‌seat.‌‌ Finally,‌‌you‌‌can‌‌use‌‌a‌‌product‌‌known‌‌as‌‌liquid‌‌leather,‌‌in‌‌conjunction‌‌with‌‌a‌‌leather‌‌conditioner. The Scratch Doctor’s Leather Repair Kit is an easy DIY recolouring kit for repairing damaged leather. It contains the same materials and techniques as professionals use, so you can achieve a world class finish. The leather repair touch up kit provides all the professional products you require for a variety of individual small repairs such as: Sub‌‌Patch–‌‌If‌‌the‌‌tear‌‌goes‌‌all‌‌the‌‌way‌‌through‌‌the‌‌leather,‌‌you‌‌will‌‌need‌‌to‌‌use‌‌a‌‌sub‌‌patch‌‌that‌‌is‌‌at‌‌least‌‌50%‌ bigger‌‌than‌‌the‌‌tear‌‌itself.‌‌You‌‌will‌‌need‌‌to‌‌make‌‌sure‌‌that‌‌the‌‌patch‌‌is‌‌centered‌‌under‌‌the‌‌tear‌‌and‌‌is‌ lying‌‌flat.‌‌ Heavy Filler is a very flexible filler used for fixing scuffs, scratches, holes and any other damage in leather.

Suitable for small areas of damage, you can use this kit to repair various types of leather. You may not require all the products within this kit for the repair you are doing. Select the type of damage you have from the options and follow their corresponding instructions. We’ve also provided step by step instructions and a colour mixing guide for simple application and professional results. The leather filler paste is a white compound that can be air or heat dried by using a hairdryer, it requires re-colouring with a leather repair pigment / paint after its application. The leather filler remains flexible, durable & natural to the existing leather surface.


Most‌‌leather‌‌upholstery‌‌fix‌‌products‌‌will‌‌work‌‌to‌‌repair‌‌or‌‌patch‌‌tears,‌‌cuts,‌‌or‌‌burns‌‌received‌‌by‌‌automotive‌‌upholstery‌‌and‌‌work‌‌towards‌‌improving‌‌any‌‌damage‌‌done‌‌to‌‌the‌‌leather.‌‌ Our easy to follow step-by-step instructions will give you a professional and amazing result with no special skills or tools required. Ensure the leather is prepared before application. To do this, ensure the leather is clean. If the area you are wishing to repair does not have a smooth finish, it is recommended to sand down the area using a fine grit sand paper (not included) including sanding/removing any excuse leather to ensure a smooth surface prior to applying the compound. To repair rips and holes we suggest initially purchasing our Pro Leather Repair Kit which includes all the additional products required for carrying out repairs on holes or rips which have penetrated right through the leather to the inner padding. Leather‌‌filler‌‌kits‌‌are‌‌used‌‌to‌‌repair‌‌scuffs,‌‌scratches,‌‌small‌‌tears‌‌and‌‌to‌‌touch‌‌up‌‌the‌‌color‌‌of‌‌the‌‌leather.‌‌Commonly‌‌included‌‌in‌‌the‌‌leather‌‌filler‌‌kit‌‌is‌‌glue,‌‌filler,‌‌a‌‌canvas‌‌patch,‌‌leather‌‌patch,‌‌mixing‌‌cup,‌utensils,‌‌and‌‌easy‌‌to‌‌follow‌‌instructions.

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