Polonia Christiana: Szkice z dziejów Polski Chrześcijańskiej

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Polonia Christiana: Szkice z dziejów Polski Chrześcijańskiej

Polonia Christiana: Szkice z dziejów Polski Chrześcijańskiej

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The Polish government has taken an interest in the case, and a representative from the Polish Embassy to the United Kingdom has been present at recent hearings. RS’s fate has caught the public interest in Poland and in England’s large Polish community. The Biblical Meaning Of Color — How White Is Associated With God, Adam, Israel, Christ And Christians

This experience in my past helped me to understand the Revolution in the tendencies, which triggers changes in the ideas and facts. Prior to becoming a judge, Mr Grozev was a long-time member of the George Soros funded Open Society Foundation which advocates for the type of euthanasia being utilised in the R.S. case,” Kiska continued. Rozpowszechnianie utworów, po uzyskaniu zgody, możliwe jest tylko pod warunkiem podania bezpośrednio pod publikowanym utworem informacji o źródle pochodzenia (PCh24.pl) oraz odnośnika do strony źródłowej (link z atrybutem rel=”follow”). Zgoda nie obejmuje ilustracji do tekstów. Niniejsza klauzula nie dotyczy użytkowników Portalu, linkujących utwory zamieszczone w Portalu w mediach społecznościowych. Meet Stephen Smith, The Evangelical Holocaust™ ‘Expert’ Who Rejected Christ And Converted To Judaism here, here and here) and women dressing as men ( here), which goes against the Commandments of God.

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Dr. David Jones of England’s Anscombe Bioethics Centre has also released a statement on the case because it is a matter of public record that RS is a devout, pro-life Catholic. The headline reads: “How to Relax in a Catholic Way?” Several other articles give tips to the reader on where to go for vacations and how to enjoy the trips. The photo-illustration on the front cover of Polonia Christiana, considered under the light of the principles just enunciated, is nothing less than a great affront to Prof. Plinio’s counter-revolutionary school of thought. For that article tacitly induces the reader to accept today’s vulgarity of customs expressed in the dress and ways of being of those three persons on the cover. It also prompts the reader to wonder if the boy is the only child of the couple, which implies that the couple practices contraception. He continued: “For the restoration of the indissolubility of marriage, it is necessary to first restore in countless souls a longing for seriousness, austerity and mortification. Yes, and also for something else, which is expressed by a word as sweet as a honeycomb and as perfumed as a lily and that, nonetheless, detonates today like a bomb. That word is purity. It is followed closely by its two sisters, no less sweet, no less gentle, but with a an even greater power of explosion. They are virginity and honor.” What is unusual in this case, and is the reason for this comment, is that RS is described as a committed practising Catholic who had 'expressed his disagreement with a widely reported case in England where the decision was to terminate medical treatment for a very small child born with serious abnormalities. He was religiously conservative, opposed to abortion, even for an unborn child likely to be medically compromised, and was opposed to euthanasia,’” Jones wrote.

She also bore witness that he had said that ‘every life is precious and that you must hold onto life, and also that if anything happened to him, he would want all steps to be taken to save him but that if he was beyond saving he did not want to be kept alive’.” Despite these well-attested views, which were accepted as accurate, the Court declared food and fluids not to be in the best interests of RS because he had previously stated that ‘he never wanted to be a burden if he was seriously ill’ and, in view of his wife, ‘he would not want his children to see him in his current condition’,” Jones continued. I noted also the hatred of the boldest revolutionaries, particularly the homosexuals, when they looked at the folk dresses of the women and observed the courteous and chivalric way we men treated them while performing dances like the Italian tarantela. Those performances evoke customs strongly opposed to the blatant sensuality of the modern world. Polonia Christiana also published a statement from the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs indicating that they are “monitoring” the situation.Polish Catholics dressed as knights attract youth after a Latin Mass in Kloster Einsieldeln, Switzerland

The Sexual Revolution and Feminism are battlefronts of the present day phase of the Revolution. And if the approval of divorce and homosexual “marriage” has advanced, it is only because public opinion had been previously prepared by the Cultural Revolution to accept these aberrations. The Ministry for Foreign Affairs wishes to underscore that in the matter of the Polish citizen in a hospital in Great Britain, within our ability and mandate, we have taken all possible measures at the political, legal and consular levels,” it said.

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Thus we see how the Revolution is not spontaneous; to the contrary, it has meticulously followed a plan to influence and change society for the last 500 years. Clearly, the revolutionaries we find in the sacristies and universities never confess this fact. They do not want to be unmasked. It is through this tendencial revolution that the Revolution – with sagacity and intelligence – tries to change the mentalities and ways of being that Christian Civilization shaped and forged in men through centuries of seriousness, mortification, purity and honor. These elements constituted the marks of society in the Middle Ages, which was governed by the wisdom of the Gospel, as How Franco’s Belief In A ‘Jewish Masonic Bolshevik’ Conspiracy To Destroy Christian Spain Was Vindicated

Conservatives may appear to be walking slowly on the path of the Revolution, but the revolutionary knows that they will eventually fully change their ideas and ways of being through the influence of the tendencial revolution. It is understandable that many Catholics are not aware of this revolutionary strategy, but, for the disciples of Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira, it is unacceptable not to know it. They should be ashamed of such ignorance.In that article about the approval of divorce in Brazil, Prof. Plinio commented: “But I must add that the greatest catastrophe in this matter was not – nor does it continue to be –divorce, but rather the terrible dissolution of customs that has gradually and inexorably been propagated in our country for many years. This is the root cause. The approval of divorce is just one of its catastrophic effects.” Proof The 1941 Lviv ‘Pogrom’ Was Retaliation Against Jews For Orchestrating ‘Red Terror’ In Ukraine I used to be a part of a Italian folkloric dance group and I witnessed the admiration people immersed in the modern world had for the clothing we wore, above all the delicate and beautiful details of the dress worn by the young women.

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