Adam's Favorite Spanking Letters

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Adam's Favorite Spanking Letters

Adam's Favorite Spanking Letters

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To say the least, the meal was a slow somber affair. Mummy had given her a small portion, knowing that her tummy would be in knots. Soon the table was cleared, and the pots washed. Once they were all put away, Mummy spoke. “Up you go.”Karen climbed the curved oak stair case slowly, her head down. She reached the landing and sulkily walked to her door. In she went and shut the door behind her, resting against it. She cried, she had let her Mummy down, she had been naughty girl. After all her praise, she was now a naughty girl, about to get a bare bottom spanking His hardness drove her pride sky high. Her sex soared up the window, lifting her mind over the city. Flying on his flawless love, she flung her arms wide against the glass, and screamed, "I love you." Dear Jane: I am writing this sitting on the softest pillow in the house. I can't get into a girdle and get dressed because I am still on fire from the latest spanking I had from my husband last night. I am mortified. A grown woman spanked like a child! I would rather die than tell my friends. He broke away. "I didn't need your attitude today. I'm relying on you tonight and expect perfection. Regardless of your performance, I'm will paddle you before bed." With the 4-year-old girl I use the same procedure: however, I give spank her with a very light hairbrush. I usually give her about 20 or 40 rather light spanks with it.

This is a story version of one of the true real life spankings as told to me by a delightful lady who went to a Girls Grammer School and was kept in line at home by a slipper wielding mother, who used it on her daughters bare bottom… Often!

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Predicting your mood was a constant gamble. Our evening might have gone wrong if I hadn't strapped you." For example, in 1913, a husband went before a Brooklyn magistrate and asked if he could spank his wife if she interfered with his spanking of their child. The magistrate decided that spanking the wife was the way to handle the situation.

Letter Number 1 was written on April 1, 1898 by a young woman who had recently turned seventeen to the Editor of the NY Evening Journal... Karen remembers the day her adventure at Grammer School began. It was the day she received the letter telling her that she had passed the 11+ exam with flying colours. The army wife who had spread gossip about the husband's commanding officer's wife and, as a result, was stripped naked and spanked by her husband and the officer's wife in front of the officer; The movie she refers to was probably "Look for the Silver Lining," with Gordon MacRae and June Haver giving us one of the all-time great marital spankings. The journey to the end of the day was like some heroic trek in a fantasy novel. Long and arduous. The lunch time collection of the ‘death sentence’ sent a cold shiver to her tummy. The words left the slip and ran amok in her brain. There before her the words threatened her bottom.The Vicar at Saint Hugh’s Church used her as an example many times. “If you are not sure what to do, go and see her, she’ll have probably done it before, she’s marvellous!” He caressed her cheek and kissed her lips. She responded, grateful for his tenderness, and hot as hell. "I'm sorry," she murmured, tremors of guilt throbbing through her core. When she went to catch the bus now, it was wiggle of a young woman. Even the man with the bowler hat who sat in the same seat every day started to smile, and greet her with a tipping of the hat. She had no idea that he began to see her differently, she just assumed it was cordial familiarity with a regular person he saw on the bus. We were very much disgusted when we read in "The Evening World" a letter written by a Brooklyn mother. She says she spanks her daughter-in-law. What kind of a woman is she that would let her her husband"s mother expose and and make her kneel down on the floor and use a rattan on her. It is bad enough to hear about the husband treating his wife that way, but when it comes to the mother-in-law we think it is time to stop. We would be pleased to hear from the daughter- in- law, and let us know how she likes spanking and what the sensation is like . If we daughters-in-law only knew "Brooklyn Mother's" reception day, we might pay her a visit and use the rattan until she had to go to the hospital for a month or two. We advise all daughters-n-law to take the above receipt from.

In Karen’s case Mummy simply said, “I have signed it, and returned it already. Let me say this just once Karen. If you are ever punished at school, you will be punished again at home, understood?” Yesterday's spat began because he brought home a half-dozen pairs of raw-hide shoe laces. He wanted me to braid them into a switch that he will use on me and I may use on the kids when they come. Making it is an admission that he has a right to spank me, but here I am making it to avoid another spanking on top of this one. His conviction carried to her ears, and she smiled from her heart. Her small soft hand, firm in his grasp, he pointed at the signature of her naked curves imprinted on their soaring glass. «Beginning

Mrs.Weltwaay put the detention slips into envelopes at the end of the school day. Then with a stern face told them to go home. We tend to think of the current stormy debate about spanking children as something new, but the truth is, the practice has always been a contentious issue, as can be seen from this archived article from the San Bernardino Sun newspaper in California, published on August 29, 1932. It is headlined ‘One Mother Has Entirely Wrong Idea’, with the strapline ‘Parent Tells of Spanking With Ruler, Hairbrush’. Since then he spanks me every time we have a spat. It stings fiercely as he is much stronger than Mother. There is little I can do about it as he weighs almost twice as much as I and is all muscle. Yesterday I bit and scratched when he spanked me. He only spanked harder, so here I am much the worse for it. Mildred was walking by, the strains of the spanking symphony drifted through the window turning into a cocophony of sound, hard whups! and long, long howls of pain! She nodded satisfactorily. “Good old Mummy, keeping up the standards, that’ll teach her!” The Davenports departed, well nourished and infused with confidence. She relayed her private conversation with Mrs. Davenport to Mark.

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