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Sub Terra Game

Sub Terra Game

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At the end of each turn, players face the reality of their situation, with a hazard card drawn to determine what danger causes them damage or cuts off their way out of the horror below.

Investigation adds 15 new item cards that grant your cavers powerful abilities. Recover them from the cave floor, or choose the ruthless Agent who starts fully equipped. The darkness hides many things. Be prepared.

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You were the only one who made it out alive this time. You don’t know what happened to your friends, but you know what happened to you. The cave-ins, floods, entire chambers full of gas and the tremors that shook the whole earth were nothing compared to the monsters. Not that anybody believed you. Until now. Sub Terra: Investigation is a follow-on modular expansion for Sub Terra designed by Tim Pinder. This expansion takes place after the events of the first game where a mysterious corporation have got you to return to the caves in the hopes of helping you find your lost friends. The Caves To begin the game the starting tile is placed, and all players place their caver pieces (hard hat wearing meeples) onto the starting tile. Each round of the game consists of four phases: Most items will be discarded once used, so you always need to be considering your options. Is this the right time to use your grenade or can you lure one more horror toward you? Do you use your scrawled map to discard the sheer drop in the hopes of getting something you can move through easier? That horror is awfully close.

The caver boards and the cave tiles are made from high-quality cardboard and despite having made it to my table many times none of the pieces are showing any signs of wear and tear. Sub Terra could make a great gateway game for newcomers to the hobby as there isn’t an overwhelming number of rules to explain before getting started. Doom works as a ‘x2’ multiplier for the next hazard that will be drawn. Meaning that any event that happens on the next turn will happen twice. The cave-ins get a second opportunity to crush you, the tremors make you roll twice to see if you can keep your nerve and the Horrors are now racing through the caves to catch up. The ‘x2’ hazards exist in the base game as a difficulty modifier and these are not doubled by a Doom card, but the Doom feels different because it acts as a warning. You now know for certain that the next card will be a double damage card and that brings that sense of dread but at least the caves are not trying to kill you right now. Final Thoughts In Sub Terra II: Inferno's Edge, players will be progressively revealing new tiles, forming the board, mapping the volcanic temple from its sunlit entrance to its fiery core. As players explore through the temple, they will have to overcome obstacles, avoid hazardous terrain, and face the ferocious guardians of the 'artifact'. On each player's turn, after taking their actions, a random hazard will activate, making careful planning of actions essential to survival. Designed by Tim Pinder, this 1-6 player, medium weight game sees you, over the course of an hour, chose one of eight characters to delve deeper and deeper into the caves drawing from 66 cave tiles. Each tile will represent, either safe passage, a hazard or a monster’s lair. If you’re familiar with cooperative games like Pandemic, then you’ll already know more or less how to play Sub Terra before I even explain it, although think twice before you assume that Sub Terra is a family game. Rather than working together to save the world, the players actually find themselves in a desperate struggle to survive an underground cave system that makes the one seen in Neil Marshall’s 2005 movie The Descent look like a walk in the park.


There are also new Doom hazards which multiply the danger of the hazard card drawn on the next turn. The Items The three expansions introduce a small number of their own tiles (usually only three or four) that add new features into the game, as well as a new character. These tiles add features such as horror nests that can be destroyed by a bomb carried into the caves ( Annihilation) or evidence that must be collected before leaving ( Investigation) These expansions can only be used one at a time since each has a unique victory condition, but each one switches up the idea of simply finding the exit, which really prolongs the lifespan of Sub Terra. I found them to be a great addition to the game. Where the horrors have the feel of a slowly impending doom, constantly pushing you forward; the Leapers are deceptively deadly, taking 2 health points if they hit rather than a one-shot kill and luring you into a false sense that you can handle that. Horror Phase – There can be up to three horrors in the cave at any time and each of them will move one space towards the nearest caver during each horror phase. If a horror lands on the same space as a caver, the caver immediately loses all health and becomes unconscious.

I find the individual elements in Sub Terra: Extraction work together in a cohesive way that adds to Sub Terra and changes up the gameplay. The Leapers are particularly fun, and I basically consider them to be integral to the game and wouldn’t play without them now. The Mercenary is also one of my favourite characters to play. I feel so useful and powerful, luring horrors into my trap like Rambo and taking them all out. The biosamples objective is a fun twist on the old objective and makes you think differently about callously leaving people behind, but I do wish that I could collect the samples on route somewhere as part of the task rather than have them from the start, so they feel more a part of the world. Overall, I am a big fan of the new content and Sub Terra: Extraction adds a lot of elements which I play with on a regular basis. One thing that appeals to me about the items is what it reveals about the caver that you take it from. I can imagine unhooking some still workable body armour from around their chest or prying a torch out of a cavers hand to get their spare battery, remembering they were probably one of the characters I got killed last time we played. The Agent Between the base game and the expansions, there are something like nine characters all said, and each one is different. The Medic (unsurprisingly) is an efficient healer, whilst The Leader can give her actions to someone else. The Bodyguard can protect others and The Exterminator can destroy horrors – which will usually KO any character as soon as they reach the same space. The Diver has one of the most interesting abilities, and can use flooded spaces to teleport around the game space.


It’s inevitable that when most board game fans hear the words “Tile-based game” they will immediately think of the perennially popular Carcassonne, which set a very high benchmark for the genre upon its release 19 years ago. Sub Terra is another tile-based game but you won’t find quaint castles, monasteries and lush green fields here, nor will you see sunlight, so strap on your head torch and lets go spelunking as we are going on an adventure deep underground into a network of dark, unexplored caves. Sub Terra – The Game After you have taken your actions you roll the hazard die, this die is death incarnate and will repeatedly annoy and frustrate the team, which I suppose, is its job after all. This die has a few possible outcomes from setting off traps, making your character stumble or even spawning and activating the Guardians. Guardians are defenders of the temple and want nothing more than to leave all your carcasses lifeless on the volcano floor.

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