Worthy Opponents: The gripping new story of family, wealth and high stakes from the billion copy bestseller

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Worthy Opponents: The gripping new story of family, wealth and high stakes from the billion copy bestseller

Worthy Opponents: The gripping new story of family, wealth and high stakes from the billion copy bestseller

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Iron Man had this dynamic going on with a couple iterations of the Crimson Dynamo, the armored hero of the Soviet Union, most notably Crimson Dynamo V, Dimitri Bukharin. Bukharin was a straightforward superhero who happened to be working for America's enemy, and there was a great deal of mutual respect between him and Iron Man.

Said segment was an homage to a Marvel comic where The Champion of the Universe admitted he couldn't "defeat" The Thing in a match after defeating all of Marvel's other heroes. Exalted: Infernal Exalted can burn off Limit by adopting an enemy as one of these and taking steps to haul them into conflict. The Act of Villainy in question is even referred to as "Best Enemy Recognition", and was developed for the Yozi Szoreny, who would periodically spare his Solar opponents because he didn't want to lose such interesting foes. Robin and the second Red X in Teen Titans (2003). One could argue that Slade considers Robin a Worthy Opponent, but Robin simply sees Slade as a diabolical villa On a promotional level, Japanese based Ice Ribbon viewed the roster of UK based Pro Wrestling Eve this way. When he served the Mad King, Ned Stark apparently considered Ser Barristan Selmy this, holding him no ill will. In the present day, they are on the same side, Ned remarks he is glad they never met in combat, as he didn't feel that "a widow's life would suit [Catelyn]." Ser Barristan reciprocates the feeling, telling him that he's too modest and that he thinks that he's also a great warrior. He also says that he's seen Ned cut down 'a dozen great knights', probably at the Trident.

The Simpsons: For most of the series' run, Bart and Principal Skinner have carried a relationship of cordial rivalry, although this is subverted by the fact Skinner asserts little to no actual authority over the school's students. He respects Tony enough that when he was believed dead, Doom declared a national day of mourning in Latveria. on 13 December: "My undead dragon is distracted and my battlecasters' magic is deflected. Very good, Miranda."

Rangers and Celtic, both of Glasgow, are attempting to recast the Old Firm rivalry as this in an effort to eliminate its historic sectarian overtones, with mixed success. The rivalry in question is rooted in ethno-religious conflicts far older than mere football. Much to her chagrin, Asuka ended up seeing Shinji like her greatest challenge after their first meetings. Expect to hear Combat Compliments. A character who thinks this way is likely to have Faith in the Foe. This can lead to The Only One Allowed to Defeat You, depending on the mindset of the character making this statement. See also Friendly Enemy and Evil Counterpart. Can overlap with Enemies Equals Greatness. The idea of this trope is deliberately designed to sail over the head of the Arrogant Kung-Fu Guy as they can only think about beating their foes and being the best with zero regard for the battle itself (the realization that, yes, you can respect your opponent/the battle you shared and still be a great fighter is the key turning point in their Character Development). This is very common with a Mirror Character.In "Aylee vs. Bun-bun", the xenomorph-like alien and the evil rabbit Bun-bun have a huge fight that lasts for many hours. After both collapse in exhaustion, they become quite friendly, and Aylee becomes the only main character that Bun-bun respects in those early days. He evens warns her that someone is planning to kill her note as opposed to saying "She says to go right in" like he did when someone threatened to kill Torg if he came in. Cena has on record stated that Chris Masters is the physically strongest opponent he has ever faced. Masters is the only competitor who has legitimately rendered Cena unconscious, and he has done so three times.

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